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Welcome, Director Sean Thonson!

Director Sean Thonson, known for powerful storytelling through staggeringly bold-yet-intimate imagery, has joined our compadres at Bullitt.

As we welcome Sean to the bueno family, we want to share some of his iconic work that truly is a force of nature...

Sean is no stranger to the bold work from Bullitt. In a recent chat with Shots, Sean expressed his admiration for his new team:

“I’ve known Bullitt’s work for quite a while - high intensity, courageous and large scale projects that I admired and felt connected to. I had immediate rapport with Luke and with mutual interests and perspectives on filmmaking, the timing just felt right to join together.”

While he can often be found trekking the globe to capture the perfect shot, Sean brings a unique eye and personal perspective wherever he lands. With his standout talent for visual storytelling, specifically within the realm of cars and jaw dropping vistas, we’re stoked to welcome Sean to the bueno family!

If you would like to know more about Sean or see more of his work, give us a shout at [email protected].

Everything will be ok