MassMarket collaborated with world renowned photographer and director Zach Gold on “Spike,” the four-and-a-half-minute fashion film creating waves through Brooklyn Museum’s “Killer Heels” exhibit. The installation, which coincided with the launch of New York City Fashion Week 2014, combines bleeding-edge technology with high fashion, embracing the medium in a completely new and unparalleled way.
“Culturally, there’s been a shift in the industry over the last five or six years,” commented Gold. “Short fashion films are mainstream. What was important for this show was shaping this new space that now includes high end post production and pushing the boundaries.”
MassMarket Creative Director Robert Moggach oversaw the film’s color correction and compositing, staying true to Zach’s style.
“The team applied what we know about creating the highest quality images to Zach’s underground technique of deconstructing and degrading the images,” said Moggach. “His work is meticulously crafted to be both pristinely graphic and aggressively visual. It’s roots are in fashion but at it’s core it’s high art photography with a rebellious haute couture spirit.”
MassMarket started with high resolution images and applied custom tools and techniques to augment the extremely large files. This process enabled the manipulation, via bespoke algorithms, of approximately 30,000 distinct frames accomplished through multiple renders (some lasting as long as three days).
“The result retained the pristine detail of the original images but really fucked it up gorgeously,” added Moggach.
MassMarket’s team of artists also spent six weeks on color, beauty work, image compositing, and online editing, helping to deliver many of the visuals that make up the final film and producing the final, glossy finish.
“This was an absolute dream collaboration,” says Managing Director Jay Lichtman. “While as technically sound, if not more so, as many of the clients we often work with, Zach brings a distinct artist’s aesthetic and approach to his projects. It was an opportunity for our team to work alongside a true creator of stunning imagery”
Click here for a behind the scenes look at the creation of “Spike”
Click here for an extended interview with Zach


Life can be hard work. So with the help of Trident, sit back in your hot tub and don’t even waste energy chewing. Weird and wonderful stuff directed by Benji Weinstein at Blink and cut by Tim Hardy at Stitch


Stitch launched it’s new company Homespun in June 2014 to edit music videos, digital content and shorts.


Homespun has a commitment to help nurture up and coming talent. The ‘Homespun Yarns’ competition was therefore launched with the brief ‘Grow us a story’.


We were inundated with treatments from many different creative backgrounds. The Homespun collective shortlisted them down to 10, who were invited in to discuss the production of their ideas.


The final 3 were chosen and given a budget to help make their ideas happen:


Pawel Stec – Student, National Film and Television School


‘Pawel The Polish Mouse Goes To The Moon’


This idea was very charming on paper and we were all drawn to the light hearted, funny script.  We were unsure how he would be filming the mouse, was it to be a real mouse?
On meeting Pawel we realised he was absolutely in love with the film and his passion for it was infectious. He really made the ideas on paper come to life and had already lined up a mouse trainer.


There wasn’t a doubt in our mind, he had us at mouse trainer!
We were super impressed by how professional his pitch was and how much thought he had given it.


Zak Razvi – Executive Producer, Pulse Films


This was a heart warming and inspirational story.
We were all very interested in Jordanne’s life and achievements.
Our only concern was how Zak could fit it into such a short length but it became very clear that Zak had a clarity of vision for the film that was going to work brilliantly.


Zak Emerson  – Director, Blink Productions


‘Langley Lane’


He had such an original treatment, married with the story of how the piece came together really struck a chord with us.
He and his father went to the South Bank poetry readings each year and this particular verse was what blew everyone away. We all found it very easy to relate to and knew that it was going to be stunning film.
Zak didn’t have to really ‘sell’ us into making this film because his connection to it was very raw and genuine.


The three films were premiered at our Homespun Yarns party. The winner was chosen on the night by the audience who each had a voting chip.
Zak Razvi was crowned the winner for his Jordanne film.
The party continued on late into the night.


Watch the winning film ‘Jordanne’ here.