100% YOU

On a thrilling ancestral adventure around the world, 23andme inspires a young woman to acquaint herself with her roots.Venables and Bullitt director Diego Contreras and Venables capture the exhilaration of claiming the world and history we are all rightly born into! Check out Diego’s latest here. 


Impressive work from the MPC team x Publicis Italy !

Creating so many different ‘worlds’ in one film saw our VFX teams working for more than three months to craft the visual feast – teams across London, Amsterdam and Bangalore worked collaboratively to pull it off. Just some of the tasks involved included building two entirely CG ships, which required extensive pre-vis before the shoot itself, a spacecraft – which van Heijningen wanted to shoot up close – and a sequence where the guys scale Mount Everest with a Himalayas backdrop. Not forgetting the impressive feat of creating a 10,000-strong Roman army from a cast of 100 actors!

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