Big ups to the gentlemen at STINK for being nominated for the 1.4 Awards for BRILLIANT Filmmaking. Out of more than 500 entries, about 130 were chosen including STINK’s Eliot Rausch and Jones+Tino! Winners announced on 9/17 at the Shoreditch Studios in London, but Rausch and Jones+Tino are already winners in our eyes! For the full list of nominees, pop over to Little Black Book Online.


Some moving, humanistic, expertly directed bits from the boys…



Jones + Tino // LEICA:


The new Ad of the Day for Guinness by Stink director John Hillcoat

The ads, part of Guinness’ overarching “Made of More” campaign, debut ahead of the Rugby World Cup. (Guinness has long sponsored the sport in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.)

Ruby legends Gareth Thomas, the former Wales captain who came out as gay in 2009, and Ashwin Willemse, who escaped the deadly gang life in South Africa for the rugged glory of the pitch, make stirring subjects. Expertly shot by Australian director John Hillcoat, whose experience on gritty action features like The Road and Lawless serves him well here. In less capable hands, the mix of rough-and-tumble rugby action, dramatizations and interviews might feel contrived or too sentimental, but Hillcoat gets the proportions and pacing absolutely right.